When you hear Montreal? What do you first think of? The cold or poutine? As a matter of fact we actually produce more than your average fries and gravy. Cinema 5 one film offers a new approach to the world of cinema. As a diverse and cultural city, Montreal offers endless opportunities for this industry for all levels. From Amateur and new comers to professional directors and producers. Our objective is to inform you of the city’s upcoming events and productions.

Photo/Video – Crew in Progress. Is an informative post on the importance of each role played in movie productions.

Written by: Lauren Beauchamp

For my photo/video segment, I have included a segment of photographs that show the crew’s tasks during pre production, production and post production. You will get the chance to envision how the process of film making as I walk you through the steps. Finally, a video will go over all of the stages required as well as the people that make the film possible. I decided to do this segment on the following topic because after working on the set of a film this summer I can personally say that the film’s crew does not get enough credit. Compared to the attention that the cast members receive, the crew is the reason for which they have gotten to this point and therefore deserve a lot more credit than just credits at the end of the movie, here’s why…

Quebz Dubz is an article on the dubbing industry in Quebec

Written by: Adele Vendette




There is something I used to find annoying when I was a little girl. When my favourite movies were not available in French!!! Because I grew up in French, I could never understand the film if it was in foreign languages. In the French community we have a lot of things we call our own and they go way back; the most famous ones are, poutine, cold winters, hunting and our pacific attitude. But the most important  of all SPEAKING FRENCH CANADIAN (joual) … That is why our favourite movies (and less favourite also) are all being dubbed in Quebec for us.


Dubbing a method used very often today, usually more frequently than subtitles, to make films accessible to all countries. Here in Quebec we dub our movies in french Canadian using something called duo-dubbing. Double dubbing is made when two different dialects of languages are spoken, notably: Spanish, Portuguese and French. In 2005 the French speaking population in Canada was estimated around 11,552,800. That number was enough to convince the film industry to make French double dubbing. The French Canadian dubbing industry is being taking care by the CFFF  (Canada Feature Film Fund) and they make sure that their program support the French Canadian of films for theatrical and television releases. Some of the films and TV-shows are dubbed in Joual and others in standard French; the characters in the accents and expressions use the difference. The main goal of this initiative is to make the language more understandable and closer to the speaking language as possible, and the French spoke in France is very much different from ours. Although, the concept of dubbing stays the same, it sometimes differs. Each Quebec voices are assigned to a actor or character, but sometimes they use the French voice for songs but only change the terms used in it


In this interpretation of ‘’Let it go’’ in the Disney movie Frozen Anaïs Delva is the French voice and also sings all the songs for the French Canadian version even if the F-C voice is interpreted by Aurélie Morgane. The songs does not remain the same, the terms are changed from a french dialect to another.


The requirement to be able to make it in the dubbing industry is somehow very strict: first it is required to be a professional comedian/actor and to audition to be able to do a three years formation of dubbing. Usually the formation consists in leaning technic of camera play, voice control and microphone functionality, diction, and theatric play. Besides that you would have to skilled with a perfect pronunciation of standard (international) French. You have to be a ‘’quick reader’’, meaning that you have to know how to master a text from the first read, because usually the actors are first reading it as they are recording it. And last requirement is to be part of the UDA (union des artistes) witch is only for professional artist that earned diplomas from institutions in art concentration.

-Here is a link to an institution offering the formation:


The dubbing industry devised the actors in seven different categories and steps depending on experience:

  • Animation dubbing
  • Beginning dubbing
  • Senior dubbing
  • Intermediary dubbing
  • Advanced dubbing
  • Vocal superimposed adaptation
  • Vocal superimposed interpretation

All these different steps into dubbing permits the actor to work on different gigs, from a commercial to a character in a full movie and gives a general idea of what they are formed to do to the casting manager.

In quebec there is a lot of different companies that offers job in dubbing.The most professional agency to be part of is probably Sonia Gagnon. Who casts her crew in a very selective way, her artist are usually dubbing the most famous hollywood stars.

I, today watch my movies in their original version and add subtitles if it is a language I don’t speak, but the young me and other French speaking Canadians are thankful for the procedure and initiative of double dubbing . Our dialect now has their own dubs to make the movies fun to watch and most of all understandable.

The Diary of a Director Is a interview done by Sophia Benalouane of a director from Saint-Sauveur, Qc.


Elyane Aylestock , founder of e82productions ,lives halfway around the world. Joke aside, Elyane actually lives in Saint-Sauveur, nor do I like long trips in the north, but I did feel very delighted when she told me that she was coming to Montreal during the weekend for some business appointments and that she could save some of her precious time to have a little chat with me. Since she has been busy lately because of her huge involvement in the Festival du film de St-Sauveur, I was really looking forward to meet her and to interview her as well. When she entered the little coffee shop in which she gave me a “rendez-vous”, she was incredibly joyful and her laugher instantly illuminated the whole place and lightened the mood. This moment of euphoria made me even more pleased to have the opportunity to get to know in depth her « vocation » as a movie director, as she prefers to call it.

When I started up with the first question concerning her early studies, Elyane instantly bursting out laughing. She didn’t have a  “conventional cinematic path” that she followed upon through her study years in art. She studied at l’UQUAM in Media arts for a limited time and went back to Lionel-Groulx to pursue her studies in Visual arts this time. What made her discover her love of the craft was when she took an optional course in Photo&Video.There was this filmmaking class in her optional course in which she had to create and direct an academic short film. This filmmaking class didn’t simply awaken a simple interest of the craft; it created a whole different range of emotion where passion was the one leading her to the evolution of her “vocation”. Her childhood, for instance, was an indication that this passion wasn’t purposed to be a simple interest so let’s make a hop back in the past to find it out! Elyane was a real adept of theatre plays at the tender age of 10 years old. She used to invite her friends at her place to recreate plays such as Romeo and Juliet. Of course, her friends were competing on whether or not they were going to play the greatly acclaimed character of Juliet.Elyane was not necessarily interested by occupying the front scene, in the opposite, she was more of a leader and preferred to follow the step of realization of the play and to enjoy its final product afterwards. She even had this copy of the play in which she followed every sequences religiously. Probably “genetics” has something to do with her ease to lead and direct others for creative purposes since her mother used to   create and direct plays in her basement as a child too.

Elyane did have the pleasure to contribute to many artistic projects. Elyane and her friend were chosen to feature in a video clip of the Winner of Star Académie in 2012, Jean-Marc Couture. Her participation in the video clip did not have a huge professional impact but it’s more about the joy and amusement that she had while contributing to it that made it quite memorable to her. However, the professional projects that had an impact on her are obviously her personal works as a director. For instance, one of her short film Perte d’identité was selected at the Cannes Festival and when she went to France, she created another project in team called l’odeur de la mémoire in which she is highly proud of her contribution. She participated to the launching of the album of Vicenzo Thomas and this was as she described it “ un moment assez fort en émotion” because she had the privilege to meet the wonderful Sonia Benazra who hosts the show Benezra reçoit on the TV channel Musimax and to whom she expresses a very devoted admiration toward her authenticity and her ability to keep her audience interested in the intellectual content of the show. This is obviously a very considerable quality nowadays since people tend to be stocked in front of their television at mind-numbing TV programs such as The Kardashians. I finally approached the subject of her commitment to the Festival du film de St-Sauveur. While she was filming a short film in a park, this “idée saugrenue”, as she called it, to create a Festival du film in the city of St Sauveur came up to her mind. She went to meet the manager of la Chambre des Commerces to talk about her idea of creating this Festival. He said to Go for it! But she realized afterwards that she totally underestimated the scale of the work needed to build up this Festival. At first, it was called le Festival des films indépendants and people could submit their short film and three-years later, they changed the name of the Festival for instead: Le Festival du Film International de St Sauveur.Her ambition has grown considerably through those three years and Elyane intends eventually to present feature films but at the moment, they have few categories such as foreign short film, students short films and out of competition short films as well. Time is expansion, as she liked to qualify it.

To be dragged to a certain kind of movie, Elyane said it depends on the actor or the director of the film. She said that she is kind of “ tiraillée entre les deux” because she is attracted to movies with very talented actors, not “ des têtes d’affiches” like the main reason why most of the people not informed about cinema are going to see movies in theatre and she is attracted to the product of  very world renowned directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan and David Cronenberg.She has a lot of admiration for directors that have this sort of ability and capacity to depict their own perception and world views into movies and she took Christopher Nolan’s movie Inception as an example because representing “dreams” into a movie as creatively as he did it, is very difficult and strangely compelling at the same time. Instinctively, she won’t be dragged to quebecois movie because the industry isn’t as inked as the American film Industry  in which the Academy has been established since 1929 and the Quebec film industry doesn’t have a variety of actors yet because they still are a very premature industry. Also , when I told her that we tend to watch American and foreign movies at school instead of Quebec movies , she instantly exclaimed with what seemed to be relief ; Tant mieux ! Elyane was aware of the progress of the quebec cinematic industry but it still needed improvement since most of our films are either “ depressive” or “ melodramatic” but there’s obviously “ l’exception à la règle” where there are humoristic movies such as Séraphin but most of our recognized films brush the boundaries of a tragedy.

Sometimes, we might have this impression that working in the cinema industry might decrease our empathy while watching a movie but for Elyane, this is the opposite. “Encore plus que jamais je me laisse berçer par la magie du cinema” as she said it and she understood the creative process of the making of a movie but it didn’t affect her emotional response to it. Concerning the instability of the job, Elyane said that directors are great creators but they cannot make financial demands that will hold up. Also, I was wondering what is she probably doing while she is not working because as we know it , a job in the cinema industry is pretty unstable so she told me that she cannot spend times procrastinating, . She compared the inactivity in her career as living without electricity, which said it all concerning her unconditional love of the craft.

To conclude this enriching interview, I demanded her if she had some future projects in preparation. She told me that she wants to go with her team to Brazil to create a TV Show in which they will film themselves discovering all components of the Brazilian culture and they will probably mix that up with different personalities that go from soft to explosive. Joke aside , her purpose is to discover and to make viewers discover another culture through the eyes of the participants which will  likely to be hot and i’m certainly not referring to the country weather !

Right before leaving the little coffee shop after this fulfilling interview that practically made me feel like I was daydreaming, she told me that “ les plus téméraires sont ceux qui percent dans le milieu” so even though you are not talented and don’t have any contact in the industry, by producing and creating constantly you will finish by being noticed. On this note, Elyane hugged me because she suddenly realized that she was in a hurry and without loosing her mellow mood, she smiled and waved at me good-bye while this last quote she said to me resounded in my mind and I absolutely look forward to see her once again very soon, but this time , right into her cinematic habitat.

The diary of a director


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